sorry guys... this isnt complete.

been working on this by myself for a while, its been quite time consuming and i still havent managed to finish it. 

thought i would submit it to the jam i made it for. i might finnish it sometime in the future. but i honestly need a break from it for now. 

haven't had anyone playtest it so if you could leave a coment with some feedback. and whether or not you would like to see it finished. and ill do my best to accommodate.

Main premise. 
It's Halloween You control a group of highschool/collage students as they explore a mansion where a murder suicide happened the year before.
on the way to the top floor they aren't too bothered by the ghosts. They are on edge though, as they get to the top and look out onto the street below they start getting possessed and start trying to take their lives 

Development log

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