Refining my ideas

Can't save them all

Sociological horror.
Puzzle game
Like a digital escape room.

Scare should come from being trapped and not knowing when someone might be possessed

√ Players can pick up things 
√ Push and pull things
√ use items on things
√  switch between people
√  occasionally get possessed

Things to Polish it
sheet that takes on the shape of a human momentarily as it falls to the ground
Little spiders and bugs to squish.
House has been abandoned for some time now
Dust particles caught in flashlights light
Mirror that shows them but not reflected
Screen tints blue during a possession and plays an audio que similar to the feeling of a tingle up your spine or goosebumps. Something to get you on edge without being to bad.

People react to people being possessed by flooding the screen with textbox's 

Items, on discovery by Ai start conversations. 
Find the nearest two characters if they can see each other then remove the parts from the list where it's not those people talking.
One for if character is the one interacting with item otherwise another 

Or when player interacts with something a nearby person will say something.

Ai needs to stick together in troops of 2 or 3. 
People can die 


- Game storyline/ puzzles

Start in tree house or a van or something.. 
Talking talking talking.
Pull up at the place.
Talking a bit more.
Off to find the key. 
Key will be hidden off to the side where you will have to move some think out of the way. To get to it.
Outside is covered in foliage. Like an overgrown garden. 
Next we enter the house.
Tell player you need to get to the top through dialogue.. player can pick up items or whatever they find. But due to limited inventory space can't pick up all of it.
Once they reach the top they start the next bit of the story. And the possessions start occurring. Each floor acts as an escape room where you have to solve puzzles before a character gets possessed and tries to off themself or everyone else. People are not vital to the escape but tools are so have a way where they have ample equipment needed escape in the scenario where you do lose a character.

Characters deaths should be talked about by the other characters as they all slowly go insane. 

Martin pulls out a devil mat or a Ouija board or something 
{"Martin@ who wants to see what the dead have to say",
"Greg@ yo I'm keen.",
"Sho@ please don't. ",
"Angelina@i guess we really know why you brought us here now",
"Sho@ this is asking for something bad to happen to you",
"Martin@ I've done this plenty of times. Never got through to them before"

They start. It says something to them 

"Courtney@ m ", "Courtney@  I",  "Courtney@ s", "Courtney@ t ", "Courtney@ a ", "Courtney@ k", "Courtney@  e" , "Courtney@ Mistake"

trapdoor slams shut.

Top floor the are overlooking a open window framed against the back wall.
{"Greg@ We could always climb down",
"Courtney@ you must be crazy",
"Angelina@ the last person to do that...",
"Angelina@ it didn't go very well for him"}

First room.. need to open the Trap door. 

Things in the attic. 
ouigi bird set up on a table with rug underneath. And lots of candles. Also a light shining through the back window down on it all.

Need to place something heavy on the trapdoor to make it fall. 

Second story... 

Rug underneath the trapdoor. 
Leads into hallway then down to a door then the stairs.
Door is blocked. By something. That falls over. 
Need to move it.
Bigger space to explore and and find stuff.

- Tools 

Rope. Knife. candle. Spare Batteries. Sword. mace.
Radio. Coins, candy. Jackolanturn 

Spare batteries either keep the flashlights charged or are needed to power the radio.
The house has no power, Could perhaps be a generator somewhere.
Knife to cut rope. If someone tries to hang themself.
Candle as a light source.
Sword can do what a knife can and can also stop possessed person with knife
Mace can stop person with knife or sword

some objects have a requirement item that needs to be held before 

Will only drop item if it can see the player from where it is.

People need bags. In order to sell not having to visibly hold the items

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