My ideas for this before starting

Before starting the jam I wrote down ideas and features I thought might be interesting
here they are
√ Game ideas Halloween theme
Gameplay.  Point and click. Hold mouse down over a character to possess them. 
Camera is moved in a bit and follows the mouse cursor a bit
The rest are Ai  
Screen tints blue when a ghost is about to possess a person. Can't pose as the player
Each person will have an pathfinder attached setting the target. Objectives are chosen from things it can see in the trigger.
Have each boid rule have weights depending on the characters stats.
Point in direction of average people around them (agreeableness)
.Point towards center of groops.( Scared variable stronger the more scared they )
Avoid collisions. (Nothing)
Point towards chosen target (strength, and distance to target the closer it is the more it will be able to be picked up. Trigger radius/ distance)
Rigid body weight = character. weight
Have linear drag on the characters. Gives them a dead zone so they Stand still
Puzzle game
Like a digital escape room Where the players get possessed and try kill Each Other.
Players can pick up things And push and pull things
And switch between people
And occasionally get possessed
Click and hold to take control of people. Use their current sprite as a mask and animate a bar that fills up the character In a lighter color. Like normal UI buttons
When person's trigger / search area comes across something they say something to the player. Like "hey is that a name" "that name looks heavy"
"I wonder where this leads"
Save object to a array same length as the responses to things. If it comes across it it and it's saved ignore it. 
Responses structured like string[][] Responses first then the conversations. All ways between 2 people. And stay On screen
When you interact with something search around for a near player then start a conversation between the 2 about the item, store conversations in the item. 
Spooky ideas/ polish
.sheet that takes on the shape of a human momentarily as it falls to the ground
Little spiders and bugs to squish.
House has been abandoned for some time now
Dust particles caught in the flashlights light
Mirror that shows them but not reflected
Dark needs flashlights iluminate the area around the flashlight of the person you are possessing 
3 floors. Each with there own material that way I can fade out individual floors
Can only access people on your floor that you can see. Perhaps people glow slightly when possessed to make it easier to identify
Try use the boid method to keep groop of people traveling together. With a 4th option to use a target to help determine the direction to go in.
Try keep all the controls bound to the mouse
Grab (links person and other object together. You can drag it by trying to move away. Heavy things have more friction and can take more than one person to move)
And be possessed
(Does whatever the ghost want. Aka kill other. Kill themself .. )

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Oct 19, 2019

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