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Like always, I really like the art style. That's not 4k triple A games or something cracked as fuck, it's just well colored, and coherent, I like it. 

The gameplay have a lot of potential, I cannot say it's good because it's not finished, even under the prototyping phase. But the player movement, and the fighting mechanics make me feel like you can make a really good game. 

Hopping one day you will have the time and the motivation to finish or even continue a bit this project <3

Thanks. I'm a bit busy atm with another project that's not game related, but I do hope to be able to return and flesh out most of my prototypes

The art is gorgeous and I love the basic concept for the mechanics. The world is much larger than I expected, surprisingly varied and interesting to traverse (by dashing, of course =p)

I hope you keep working on this! I’d really like to see where it goes =D

thanks, yea its a shame i didnt have enough time to actually tell a story, or even do some sound design. but with a bit of help this could be a pretty fun game.
i probably spent an even amount of time on the art and programming which is why it looks great but is missing some game mechanics (mainly a sort of quest system, and dialogue system which would have made the storytelling possible)