Original game design and ideas

Pac-man but Batman 

You are basically Batman but in Pac-man's maze

√ You have a dash ability. Moving the character in whatever direction they are facing like a zip line till they bump into a wall . Add a coyote effect on the corners bumping the player out 1 block at the same speed before returning to normal  a Single button activates it and it stays active till It touches a wall then you push the button again repeat till done
√ Speed ramps up based on distance away from tile where start was inistiated
√  Enemy's can hitscan in the direction they are facing hurting the player the longer they are In their vision
√ Ai shouldn't turn around when the player is behind them as to allow a sense of fairness
√ You need to sneak behind the Ai to take them out round finishes when all Ai are gone
√ Bullet are instantly at the target when triggered
√ Ground in view of players is white. When player enters its red else it's blac
√ Walls are tile based  And each wall it 2 tiles compared to the players 1
Like Pac-man 
√ Levels are image based to save on storage space then when constructing the map go through like applying a  custom tilesheet to it 
√ To kill someone you just need to run into them  You are forced to stop for a second then you continue on your way.
√  Dynamic camera zoom depending on the closeness on the nearest enemies
√ Camera targets the halfway point between the player and closest Ai. With a bias towards the players position Even if it gets the angle to the closest Ai the. Points it that way and if the distance is over a certain amount 
Closer the Ai is to the player the more control the player should have 

Closest Ai 
For each Ai in Ai position 
If ai distance < closest Ai 

If 10 < closest Ai distance to player >40
Target =  player + Angle * distance - 10
Cam = targetq

-  Time and heath bonus points at the end of each level 
Timebonus  start of with 5.   -1 per 40 seconds
Final score = Combopoints *  timebonus * lives left
Extra lives depends on final score.
- More levels 
- Story intro and outro

√  Tutorial 
Wasd or arrow keys to move 
Space click or control to dash

- Tileset which has variation baked in to the texture.  Like building fronts and doors vents those sorts of things

√ Camera shake and poor when you hit a wall 
- Does a cool black and white takedown flip animation Thats then colored the color of the guard
- Animation when player dies.. player being dragged by the leg or something.  As the screen fades to black.
√  Animate person dying or at least have a dead state
- Hit animation for player adds more tention just flash white then red 

√ Ambient sounds one might find in a maze
√ Shooting
√ Dash ( windy. Blow In mic long) only when 
√ When you hit a wall after a dash (thud) 
- Walking footsteps.
- Volume depending on distance to the player

- Have regions that the player can go that the enemy's cannot. Like vents and grates 
- Ai should be aggressive like Pac-man. Hunting you down each with a slightly different way of doing so. 
- More complex Ai which stay close to a set location but can also search for the player.
- Pathfinding to get Ai to players last seen position 


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Nov 02, 2019

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