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This game is really enjoyable, nice work 


thanks im glad you enjoyed it

First impression is that this game is awesome, immediately understood the concept and it ties in well with the theme. The art is pretty cool though, and personally I prefer this sort of minimal style. Really like what you did there with the line of sight area, plays pretty smoothly too and sfx are also nice to hear in jam submissions.

Would be interested in seeing more levels if you ever decide to expand it :)

I made it generate levels based on a texture, I'll do a dev log or something on it, so you could try your hand at making some yourself if you want. The only downside is I didn't come up with a way to add them into the game without having unity open and then updating the current build.

 that being said it's still quite easy to make more levels.  

To be fair that last level is hard enough for me as it is and I think it might get a little boring as the gameplay loop is the exact same the whole time, as in I don't introduce any new gameplay features as the game progresses.

I have thought about adding some more visual interest/variety into the Tileset. Just so it feels better or more believable then a just a random brick maze. And it would help with remembering each individual level. 

A story would also help bring some motivation to the player as most people want to see an entire story. but to be fair I thought it might slow down the pace more than it it needed to, so I didn't put much thought into it