- WASD or ARROW KEYS to move the camera,

- hold right-click and drag to create a selection box which selects any people inside it.

- when selected people will follow your commands, left-click to execute the current command at the mouse pointers location.

this project was created as a submission for together jam, themed around the film tremors.

the game is an old-school RTS wave-based survival game where you take on giant worms with sticks of dynamite.

I tried to make a game in the sort of style one might expect of an older game closer to the time the film was made. started from scratch to create my own old-school isometric renderer. using blender and some maths to be able to quickly create assets for the game.

The aim of the game is to build up a group of fighters by rescuing them from locations on the map (not yet implemented) to bolster your ranks and more easily take down the worms.

each day worms appear and try to attack you and you can place dynamite to kill them as they surface or try to kill you;

after gathering more people you can try to catch the worms as they surface with lassos (not yet implemented) which slow down the worm giving you time to safely finish off the worms with dynamite.

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