a game made for Weekly Game Jam - Week 129. theme was  'Lost in Space' 

the idea behind the game is its supost to be a real time strategy where you control a ship through selecting parts of the ship and ordering them to do things with your mouse. 

you fly your spaceship around battling pirates who what to destroy yourship.  and come to the aid of ships that are lost in the mist. 


 left click on a part to select it. it should give a slider where you can change the intensity of whatever is happening.  

left click and drag to create a selection box to select multiple things

with a part selected you can "aim" it by rightClicking.

some of the weapons have a targeting ability which to use first select the part with the ability then click on an enemy ship or asteroid or incoming missile(the red ones that track objects) and it should display a redTarget symbol on that part and shoot at that part.

mouse scroll to zoom in and out

wasd or arrowkeys to move the ships camera around not the ship its self. helps with aranging the ships position in view so its not taking up the majority of the screen.

you can shoot your own ship so be careful. 




though im not at the point where its not a complete experiance as of yet.  i still have major features im in the process of making. as well as art and sound assets that i never had the time to create

the mouse pointer is a bit off but if you run it in fullscreen on a 16/9 asperct ratio monitor it should be fine

Updated 22 days ago
StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Real time strategy, Space, Unity

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Love the aesthetics. It's neat how the text box re-populates on the next line as characters are talking.

Thanks. I spent a good day or so on the art and visuals ... because of that I missed out on creating some important features, but I'm in the process of finishing those up and will hopefully be done within the next week.

Pretty cool game!  Has the interesting concept of having control of each individual gun; it creates a micromanagement game instead of a normal shoot-em-up associated with "spaceship with guns". Allowing the player to shoot our own ship also ups the difficulty level, making us have to plan our aim.

Would recommend that the dialogue system be faster and would require us to click a button before it goes to the next set of text. The entire time I was reading, it felt like I was being rushed. Also, I think the enemies would spawn off the screen? I would see bullets coming at me off-screen, so I would just aim where the bullets were coming from. I think I killed them before they even made it onscreen :D

Overall a good entry, would love to see the concept extended on further iterations!

yea im going to keep working on it for a bit, pollish it up and add in the resorce system thats hinted at with the text spanning the top of the screen as well as an enemy controller. i only had 3ish days to work on this as i joined a bit later than i would have liked. but could see it getting better in the near future.