this was a game made for The Dream Arcade Archive  game jam, and is a testament to what you do with 1 weeks worth of time. 

i'm very proud of my work and i'm amazed how everything just came together in the last 24 hour sprint i did to get it in before the deadline. 

thanks to my fiends  , Deceleris  for play-testing some of the earlier builds for me, his feedback helped push it a bit further than it otherwise might have been. and Joshua for helping me come up with ideas which turned into this. 

if having frame rate issues try the latest build to see if that improves it.

i'm developing on the ideas used in this jam entry to build upon and develop a game for steam 


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Latest build 33 MB
original GameJam submission build 31 MB

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Not gonna lie, sliding and walljumping trough levels feels really nice! I would suggest speeding up the climb animation tho, it kinda interrupts the momentum :)

i think the animation speed is good, i just need to skip a couple frames at the start depending on your velocity before jumping. the higher the velocity the further it skips. 

sounds like a really good idea