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love the presentation and lore behind this entry, awesome stuff! if you still plan on developing it, i'd love to see where it goes

I love the look and feel of this game! It has such a great atmosphere, and it sets a great foundation. The art is so beautiful as well! Thank you for making a game based off of my cart design!

thanks, the prompt was well defigned but still open to different interpretations of gameplay and could have been used for many diferent styles of games (which is sort of why ive seen 2 others)

thanks for playing what little of a game there is.

ps. hope its fine using your art as the cover, for now at least.

Absolutely! Feel free to keep using it. :)

I really like the visuals.

thanks, i was playing around with 3d pixelart. i think its a sucess.

I'm guessing you're importing 3D objects into Unity, then using a shader for the pixelart effect. Is that right?

its slightly more complicated then that

im rendering the world at a lower resolution outputing it to a render texture, snapping the camera and sprites so that they move by a pixel increments in world space.(if you didnt snap them they would look more like low res 3d objects rather than 2d sprites with the abillity to cast shadows and recieve lights)

Makes sense. Thanks for the answer. Best of luck with the continued development of the game.